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What You Need to Know

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) indicates that 73.6 % of adults who are over age 20 are now considered overweight. 41.9% of this group are considered obese. In fact, according to the CDC, obesity is now considered a national epidemic

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Stroke

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Fatty liver disease

  • Elevated lipids

  • Some cancers

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Endocrine/hormone imbalances

  • Sleep apnea

  • Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression

  • Chronic back and joint pain

  • Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease

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LifeSynergy Wellness is here to help you lose unwanted pounds safely and permanently! Call Now! 239-471-2775

The Process


Call for a free phone consultation if you have questions, or Book your Initial Visit if you're ready to start. The initial visit cost is $200, includes labs, BodyMetrix analytics of your body composition, nutrition counseling, and a personalized treatment plan with prescriptions if needed.


Start your treatment plan which may include weekly Skinny Shots, weekly Semaglutide injections, or appetite suppressants with a personalized plan tailored to your needs and goals. We are with you every step of the way and enocurage weekly check-ins and weigh-ins.


Start losing weight and get your life back! Continue healthy eating and exercise goals for weight loss management and maintenance.

Medications Available:

Our Approach to Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult and it's not just about losing fat but becoming healthy. LifeSynergy won't sell you meal replacements or fad diets. These plans are not sustainable. The body’s natural response to restricted calories is to think it’s starving and goes into fat-saving mode which lowers the metabolism. Then when the person is ‘off the diet’, the weight comes back. At LifeSynergy we will work with you to create life-long changes and healthier eating habits. Stop dieting and start living!

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 Semaglutide, Tirzepatide

Sermorelin is a peptide that causes release of growth hormones  from the pituitary gland. It helps increase fat burn to promote weight loss, and improves energy, post-exercise recovery, and performance. It improves cognition, memory, and sleep. It also improves sexual drive. Studies have shown patients may experience up to 20% reduction in body fat.

  • sermorelin injection 5 nights/wk

  • can take with semaglutide

  • burn fat

  • improve recovery and performance

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Appetite Suppressants

FDA-approved medications that effectively decrease appetite and have shown significant weight loss results.


 Bupropion-Naltrexone, Tesofensine

Semaglutide (Ozempic), a GLP-1 agonist, and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro), a dual GLP-1/GIP agonist, work by slowing digestion, suppressing appetite,  reducing cravings, and with Tirzepatide, also improving insulin secretion.  Studies have shown participants lose 16-25lbs on Tirzepatide, and around 13 on Semaglutide. We offer both for significant weight loss results. Our providers will decide the more appropriate option for you. 

  • 1 weekly injection 

  • Given with a B12 injection

  • reduced appetite

  • increased metabolism

  • treats Type 2 Diabetes.

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Fat Burning Peptides

AOD 9604 is a powerful cutting edge peptide that stimulates your metabolism and helps burn fat.

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Call to Schedule your FREE 15 Minute Telephone Consultation

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