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Radiant Skin

Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid
Powerful antioxidant, it boosts immune system, prevents cell damage, improves skin texture.


Loving Couple

Vitamin D3

Enhances mood and helps with anxiety, for strong bones and prevents bone loss, reduces risk of heart disease, boosts immune system. 


Couple Jogging on the beach

Vitamin B12

Enhances red blood cell production to prevent anemia, supports bone health which prevents osteoporosis, improves mood and symptoms of depression, supports cognitive function.


Burn Fat

Lipo Skinny Shot

B vitamins, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, & L-carnitine
Improve energy,
burn fat, rev up metabolism.


Immunity injections


(Vitamin C/Glutathione/Zinc)
Power-packed immunity and antioxidant blend with high concentrations of Vitamin  C.   


Healthy living


Master detoxifier, essential for the immune system, vital in building and repairing tissue, reduces cell damage in fatty liver, helps psoriasis, improves circulation in peripheral artery disease while decreasing pain in legs, and reduces tremors/rigidity in Parkinson's disease.  


woman eyes closed smiling towards the sun


Found in all cells, NAD+ is the powerhouse of the mitochondria and offers powerful anti-aging benefits by repairing cellular DNA. It increases mental clarity, improves heart function, reduces inflammation, boosts energy and immunity, speeds recovery from injury or illness, and slows aging. 100mg as a subcutaneous in-office injection -

 can receive up to 2 times weekly!


Healthy Fruit

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